KOLLAR | A result of refusing to conform. Kollar Clothing is a Canadian brand that specializes in ready to wear, forward thinking men’s clothing that combine traditional streetwear sensibilities with luxury brand level refinement & timelessness. Walking the line between street grunge and luxury fashion. After years of blood, sweat and tears Kollar is now a recognizable lifestyle clothing company sold worldwide. Kollar has always been known for their high quality custom denim and essentials. Brining traditional streetwear tendencies to high-end refined/timeless clothing.

David Kollar, born in Slovakia, arrived in Toronto, Canada with his mother & sister at 5 years old. His first steps in the fashion sphere occurred at a young age when he began purchasing & reselling exclusive streetwear products he would hunt down. David has always had a keen eye for design, as well as a strict attention to detail. At the age of 16, he made his first foray into the fashion industry by starting his own t-shirt line, styling his peers & becoming an aesthetic influencer in the circles he was a part of. Through all of this, his dream was to start his own cut & sew-based clothing line. In 2014, this dream became a reality with the launch of Kollar Clothing. In the years following, Kollar Clothing has been showcased in sold-out shows at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. It has also been featured in notable publications such as GQ, Sharp, Complex & Huffington Post. For the self-taught designer, who was inspired by his mother’s talent as a seamstress & motivated by his desire to continue creating a legacy of amazing apparel, the sky was the limit as his label gained more notoriety in the mens fashion world. He Dropped out of college for business and he started the brand with $30,000 in debt from school. He took his last $500 to chase his dreams with no Plan B and he built Kollar Clothing to what it is today.